1. Who has access to projects from my team?

    Every member of your team that is invited to SuperOkay has access to all projects and full admin privileges. They can view and edit projects, invite clients and other members and delete content.

  2. Who has access to the projects from my client's team?

    Every client contact in your client's organization has equal access to the project they have been invited to. If you have multiple projects with the same client using different teams we suggest that you create a new client identity for each project and that way you can separate the teams and content.

  3. How can I remove access for a client contact?

    If you would like to remove access for one member in your client organization you can simply remove them from the client organization settings. This will not affect the access of all other client contacts.

  4. What can a client do in SuperOkay?

    A client will be able to get notified, see, read information and documents, as well as do some limited number of actions when prompted by you. In addition to seeing the information on the portal the client will be able to: answer questions, attach files, approve documents, tick off action items, input comments.

    Worth pointing out that the client will only be able to send files if you ask him to do so by including an attachment module in your document.

    The client will also be able to see the project Timeline that records all material actions in the project, chronologically. You can turn off the Timeline from Settings. This will apply to both you and your client.

  5. Is there a chat function within the app?

    SuperOkay does not have a chat function per se, but you can chat with your team mates and clients by leaving Comments within documents. The intention behind this feature was to limit linear chats, where valuable information can get buried, and instead direct chat towards the issues illustrated in your project documents. This way a comment/ chat is more likely to lead to an action and a solution, and it will be easier to find in reference to the document at hand.

    You can also create and assign Action Items to your team mates and clients so that things get done and the project is moving along.

    Finally another way to communicate with you clients is via documents. These can be status updates or independent notes and they can include structured or free form Questions that elicit an answer from your client.

  6. Can I invoice my clients via SuperOkay?

    SuperOkay does not have an invoicing feature at the moment, but you can easily link a "Pay Here" button to your payment service (eg., Stripe) and drop it in a client document with a nice note.

  7. Can I exchange files with my clients via SuperOkay?

    Yes, you can send files to you clients and request that they attach files via the Attachments module in your documents. This allows your clients to upload multiple files of up to 125MB each.

  8. Is SuperOkay available in languages other than English?

    Not yet, but due to popular demand we are looking to translate the app in French, Spanish, German, Romanian, Turkish, and more.

  9. Can I have more than one Agency name/logo per account?

    Currently SuperOkay only allows for one entity/ organisation per account. This means that if you want to use multiple names, logos and especially custom domains you will need one account for each entity/ organisation. If you wish to subscribe to multiple accounts, each with its specific domain, you can do so by purchasing multiple SuperOkay licenses. In any case, if you sign up to all of these different organisations with the same email address, you will be able to easily switch between them from same the SuperOkay dashboard.

How do I get in touch with you?

Our team can be reached through email at support@superokay.com or through the chat icon located in the bottom right of the SuperOkay app.

The team is generally available 8am - 8pm GMT, Monday through Friday.

If you want to contact the founders directly, we're at radu@superokay.com and maria@superokay.com

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