Creating a new Project

Click the + sign to create a project and it will take you straight to the Settings module to set it up.

Here you can name the project, choose currency, turn preferences on and off, set the project branding and colors (usually to the colors of your client's brand), edit the quick links and apps from our examples to the ones that will be useful for your client to see on the portal.

πŸ’‘ Each Project gets its own Portal. Your client can switch between Project Portals with ease.

Sharing Documents and Action Items.

Documents can be Briefs, Proposals, Case Studies or simply a welcome message to your client.

Action Items are little To Dos for your clients or team members that you can place on the portal.

πŸ’‘ Please note that for the documents to show on the portal they need to be specifically shared with your clients from the Share button available in each document.

This way you don't need to show your clients half baked drafts.

Here it's worth mentioning that at the moment all the team members in your organisations are admins with equal rights and full visibility of all documents and projects.

Inviting your Client

Once you have a nicely designed portal with useful information on it, head to the Clients tab to bring them into the fold.

Create a Client Organization

Add all the relevant contacts with their emails.

After you have added all your client contacts, and your Portal is ready, start inviting your Contacts to your brand new portal.

Do that by either clicking the "Send Invite Email" button next to each contact, or copying the login link and sending it to them via your own email address.

When the client will receive the email with the invite link all the need to do is navigate to it to see the project portal you have designed for them.

Good to know:

  • All the Contacts belonging to your Client Organization will be able to see the information on the portal.

  • For now there are no differentiated permissions, only thing you can do at the moment to limit access to the information on the portal is add or remove a client contact.

  • A Client Contact can only be invited to one Client Organization within your account.

  • SuperOkay offers an unlimited number of Projects and Client Contacts so you'll never run out of options.

What your clients can do

We have designed a portal where the client will be able to get notified, see, read information and documents, as well as do some limited number of actions when prompted by you.

In addition to seeing the portal the client will be able to: answer questions, attach files, approve documents, tick off action items, and input comments.

We opted for this limited interaction in order to keep things simple for your client. This is primarily a work space for you and a viewing space for your client. As we get more feedback from our users asking us to give clients more autonomy we are opening new features to your clients.

So, please let us know what else you would like your clients to be able to do. Thank you :)

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