The mighty sidebar

The sidebar lets you move anywhere in your SuperOkay account. From projects to your content library, you'll find all your content there.

Your SuperOkay


This is your home on SuperOkay. You'll see your most recent projects here.


All the notifications from all your projects.


Manage your clients and client contacts. This is where you can invite your clients.


Browse the SuperOkay templates and get inspiration for your next brief or proposal

Your Projects

Each project has its own Portal. We'll dive deeper further down this article.

Your Library

All your reusable content sits in your library. From the Reusable Blocks to your preconfigured Billable Services

Reusable Blocks

Bits of documents you can create once and reuse in any part of SuperOkay

Case Studies

Your best projects. Create them once, then include them in any proposal.

Team Bios

Showcase your team. Team Bios can be included in any proposal or brief.

Billable Services

A list of predefined services you usually include in your proposals or quotes.

Navigating your Project


A home for your SuperOkay docs. Keep your project proposals, statements of work, estimates, progress updates or client sign-offs here.

Action Items

Get a birds-eye view of all the open Action Items from all your docs.

Knowledge Base

A special type of document you can use to provide your client and team with important context and information relevant to the project.


A simple yet powerful timeline of all client-facing events that happened in the project.

Connected Apps

Your connected apps have a place in the project navigation. That's a one-click access to the stuff you and your client use the most.

Managing your Account & Profile

On the bottom-right corner of your sidebar, click the Profile picture to get access to your Organization and Profile settings.

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