Top Navigation

The very top of your SuperOkay pagse stays the same no matter where you go.

You're always one click away from your Dashboard.

It also features your profile photo which is also the way you can go to editing your organization or profile settings, or switching organizations if you're part of more than one.

If you want to make changes to your Organization's account, click the right-hand Avatar and select "Settings & Admin" under your organization's name.

Further down the dropdown menu, you'll be able to go and edit your personal profile, log out of your account or see what's new in SuperOkay :)

The sidebar

The sidebar lets you move anywhere in your SuperOkay account. From projects to your content library, you'll find all your content there.


This is your home on SuperOkay. You'll see your most recent projects here.


All your projects can be found here.

Within a project, you can click the downwards facing arrow to expand the list of documents from each category.


All the proposals belonging to a project


All the briefs belonging to a project


All the estimates belonging to a project

Your Library

All your reusable content sits in your library. From the Reusable Blocks to your preconfigured Billable Services

Reusable Blocks

Bits of documents you can create once and reuse in any part of SuperOkay

Case Studies

Your best projects. Create them once, then include them in any proposal.

Team Bios

Showcase your team. Team Bios can be included in any proposal or brief.

Billable Services

A list of predefined services you usually include in your proposals or quotes.

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