Each SuperOkay document is built as a collection of content blocks. This allows you to create powerful documents, embed briefs in proposals, reuse whole sections of a document with ease and benefit from all the amazing features we're adding all the time.

Changing a document's name

You can change any document's name by using the top left input field. No need to click save, once you're done typing the name, it will get automatically saved and synced across SuperOkay.

From the Document Toolbar, you can:

  • Change the status of a document (where that's possible) from Draft to Approved and the other way around. Approved documents become read-only and no changes can be made to them unless they are switched back to Draft.

  • Share the document via a unique Shared Link

  • Download the document as .pdf

  • Turn Preview more on/off so you can see exactly what your client will see when you share a link with them.

Use one of the document actions by clicking the 3 dot icon:

  • Duplicate the document (in the current project or any other project in SuperOkay)

  • Convert the document to a Reusable Block

  • Delete the document.

Adding content to a SuperOkay document

  • Use the [ + ] button to insert a new content block anywhere in a document.

  • Use the up & down arrow buttons on the left-hand side of any content block to move it within the document

  • Use the thrashcan button to the right-hand side of a selected content block to delete it.

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