SuperOkay is a client portal provider where you can create a visual representation of your projects, including Bookmarks, Documents, Action Items, App Extensions and a Timeline, and share this with your clients.

Quick Links

These are website bookmarks that your client needs to refer to all the time so you want to put them front and center or your dashboard so they never get lost.


Here is where you have your Briefs, Proposals, Estimates, SoWs, status updates and other communications with your clients. Some documents that explain important things or contain key information such as sign in details for various platforms, you will probably want to place in the Knowledge Base. This is a folder of documents that you don’t want to ever misplace. It’s like a bookmarking system for your documents if you wish.

Action Items.

These are tasks you can assign to you colleagues and clients for them to be able to tick off and let you know when they are ready. You can add action items in relation to various parts of a document or stand alone in the action items section.

Embedded Apps.

Enrich your project portal by giving your client access to hundreds of apps and products you already use. Figma prototypes, Airtable bases, Trello boards, Miro boards and many many more.

The Timeline.

This is simply a chronological log of who’s done what in the project so that all parties involved are always up to date. If you feel this level of transparency is more a hindrance than a help you can just turn off the timeline from Settings. This will disable the feature for both you and your client.

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