Go to the "Project Settings" menu - each different project has its own settings menu, where you can customize each portal to the specific organization that you’re working with.

The first tab is “Project Details” - Here is where you customize the name of the project, choose the client organization and your currency.

Next is “Portal Branding” - customize the color scheme of your portal to better match the colors of your client’s brand. In the first section you can choose between light or dark mode and choose a main color, which will be reflected in various aspects of the portal such as the quick links and module titles on the portal (Docs, Action items, etc).

In the “Portal Dashboard Header” again you can choose between light and dark modes, specifically for our header, independently from the rest of the portal.

“Tint color” is the color overlaid on the background image.

You can customize the background image - either upload an image from your computer or choose an image from the Unsplash database. You can also change the opacity of the image.

Lastly, you can also pick a custom font type which will be reflected in the client portal interface, as well as in documents.

In the modules section, you can choose to turn on or off the different modules within the project. This depends on your preferences and what’s useful to your portal. You can customize the module icon and name.

The next section is Quick Links, which appear on the header section of the portal. Here you can add important links to the top section of your portal, so your client can access this information quickly. You can drag quick links around to rearrange them, edit them to change the link, the icon or the label, which will all reflect on the portal.

The final section is embedded apps. You can find out more about how embedded apps function in SuperOkay in this article.

Now head back to your portal to see the changes you’ve made.

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