In SuperOkay it’s possible to show your client invites as coming from a Sender name chosen by you and from your custom domain, instead of arriving from the default

In order for that to happen, we need to verify that you own the domain name you are trying to send from.

Let's say you want to use as the sender email address, and you add it to the "Email White Label" section in your Settings:

Step 1 👉 Add a TXT record to your domain DNS:

To verify domain ownership, we need you to add a TXT record to your DNS settings with the values you see in your "Email White Label" page in SuperOkay.

So, add a TXT record in your DNS management console using this info:

  • Hostname (or Host): use the value under the Hostname header in SuperOkay. 🚨Important: do no add anything else to this Hostname, just copy & paste it.

  • Type: this is the type of connection between the host and the target. Always set it to TXT.

  • Target (or Value): add the long text starting with "k=rsa". Please make sure you don't add any extra spaces or characters before or after it as that would cause the verification to fail. Each email domain has unique values visible only to you. The examples above won't work.


It may take anywhere from 5 minutes to 24 hours for these changes to show on our end so please bear with us :)

🚨If you are using CloudFlare to manage your DNS

Please make sure the TXT record is set to ✅ DNS Only, not ❌ Proxied. Cloudflare Proxied DNS records will not work with your SuperOkay custom domain.

Step 2 👉 Confirm

After you have completed Step 1, click the "Validate DNS Changes" in the Custom Domains section of your Settings.

Step 3 👉 Done. Emails will be sent from the email address you configured.

P.S.: if anything goes wrong with the setup, ping us on Intercom and we'll help you :)

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