👉 Templates

To start exploring SuperOkay’s templates, go to the “Templates” section on the side-menu.

SuperOkay has 19 templates available, which are pre-defined documents that use SuperOkay’s structure to create starting points for your work. Choose the template that best suits your use-case. When you open the template for the first time, you see a preview of what it looks like - click “Use this template”.

As you scroll, notice that each section of the document is highlighted. These are document blocks, and you can modify them, delete them or add new ones. By scrolling a bit further, you can see there’s a lot of detail in this document. You can edit everything and make it your own. When you insert a block, there are many options to choose from. You can see more information about each different block by hovering your mouse over it.

Let’s add a smart block to our document. Choose the File Upload Q&A block. This block is very important to many of our users because it allows your clients to upload external documents to your SuperOkay project. Let’s ask our client what the mascot of their company is and ask them to upload a picture.

👉 Team Bios

Team Bios let you add a card with your team members’ photo, name and job description. To add them to a document, click the plus symbol to add a new block to your Doc and select Content Library, then choose Team Bios.

Team Bios are totally configurable. To create a new one, go to Team Bios on the left-side menu and click “New Team Bio”.

Now we have to add the name, role and Bio for our team member. If you want to customize the Team Bio more than just the preview card, you can do it inside the page for each specific Team Bio using document blocks. Navigate back to your document and add your new Team Bios. Keep in mind that if some of your Team Members have more than one role, you can create multiple entries for the same person and choose them for each project according to your particular client needs.

👉 Case Studies

“Case Studies” let you show your clients some of the best work you did in the past. You can create case studies of your past work, add client testimonials and reuse them in any Proposal or Brief. This can be helpful when a past project is not public yet and you cannot add it to your website. To create a new “Case Study”, go to the “Case Study” section on the left-side menu. Click “New Case Study”, upload an image, choose the year in which you did this project and add a short description. If you want to further customize the case study, you can do it with document blocks.

To add your new Case Study to a document, go back to your doc - click the plus symbol and select Content Library - choose your case study. And there we go!

👉 Reusable Blocks

Reusable blocks are one of the most useful tools in SuperOkay because they let us save parts of our documents as Blocks that we can use in other projects/documents - essentially custom templates for document sections, or even entire documents.

Go to “Reusable Blocks” from the side-menu. Click “New Reusable Block” - there are some templates that you can use as a starting point if you want to. Before you can save something as a reusable block, you need to have something created that can be reused later, in this case, we’ll create a “Section Heading”, a “Table” and an “Uploaded Files” module. To save this for later use, either change the name of the document to save automatically or click the three dots on the top right and choose “Save to Reusable Blocks”. The latter will work on any document in SuperOkay and automatically turn it into a Reusable Block. You can also do this to any individual block by selecting it and choosing “Save to reusable block”.

For more guides on how to use SuperOkay visit our YouTube Channel and join our Facebook Community.

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