Action Items are tasks that you can assign to your team or to your clients so they can tick off once the task is done. These tasks can be created by you, your colleagues or your clients. Action items can be used inside of a document or stand alone in your project.

Start by looking at the action items section in the side menu.

This is where you can create action items that show up in your portal:

  • Name the task

  • Select a due date

  • Assign it to someone on your team or to a client

  • Add a note with details about the task

  • Save your action item

If you want your action item to only be visible to team members, you can toggle its visibility.

Navigate to your portal and find the action items in the appropriate section. If you want to tick them off, simply click them and they become complete. Anybody in the project can tick off any action items.

To create an action item in a document, navigate to any document, click the side menu on the right to bring up action items. Here you can create tasks that pertain to this document, it’s a great way to tell our team mates or clients what needs to be done for the document to be completed. As you create a task for this document, a red number pops up on the action items icon to indicate that some tasks are left to be made.

If this document is private, only your team members are able to see it and its associated action items. If you want your clients to see this document and the tasks that are related to it, don’t forget to share the document with them. These action items can also be completed by simply ticking them off.

Note: Your clients are also capable of creating action items both on the portal and on documents, and they can assign the tasks to whoever they want. This is a great opportunity for you and your client to assign tasks to one another.

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