There are a couple different ways to chat with your clients in SuperOkay. We’re going to show you some that use SuperOkay’s built-in features and our integration with Intercom.

👉 Client Questions in Documents

We’ll start by looking at how to ask your client for specific information that is needed for the project:

  • Create a Freeform Document

  • Add the Q&A Smart Block and choose “Long Text”

In this form you can ask your client a question and give them instructions, your client will be able to see this form and fill it out with their answer. You can ask as many questions as you need. You can also add a multiple choice block to give your client multiple options to choose from.

👉 Comments in Documents

Another way to chat with your client is leaving comments on documents. When in a document, click on the comment button on the right-side menu and click “add comment”. Your client will be able to see these comments, reply to them and resolve them. It’s also possible to write a note on any action items you create, either in a document or in stand alone action items. Your client will be able to see these notes and resolve them. Remember to share your documents in order to make them visible to your clients, otherwise they won’t see it.

👉 Intercom integration

SuperOkay doesn’t have a full-blown native chat feature, but we’ve made it possible to chat with your clients in real-time by integrating Intercom into our platform. Keep in mind that you need to have an active Intercom subscription to be able to use this feature.

  • To start, navigate to project settings and select Integrations. SuperOkay already supports a few other chat widget options in case Intercom is not your preferred platform. Choose the Intercom icon.

  • You’ll need to copy the embed code snippet from Intercom and paste it here. Click the "👉 Installing the Intercom Messenger Guide” button to be taken to an Intercom article.

  • Click the “Add chat to your website” link

  • From there choose “With Code” and click “Copy Code” - navigate back to SuperOkay, paste your code and save integration.

Note: If you go back to your portal, you’ll notice that nothing’s changed, however, when your client logs in via magic link, they’ll now see the green Intercom bubble on the bottom right of their screen and they’ll be able to message you directly. You’ll be able to reply to them through your Intercom inbox at any time.

For more guides on how to use SuperOkay visit our YouTube Channel and join our Facebook Community.

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