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How to use Billable Services
How to use Billable Services
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Billable Services are a smart way of saving your recurring client services to use in all your projects.

Create a new Billable Service by going to “Billable Services” on the left-side menu and clicking “New Billable Service”.

How to use Billable Services

Add the name of your service (e.g. “Website Design”) and click “+ Add” to add a rate to your service. Choose between hourly, daily, flat fee, among other options, choose your currency and the cost.

After you save your Billable Service, go to a document and insert a Pricing Table block.

How to use Billable Services

Click the “Import from library” button to import all the settings you saved previously in your newly created Billable Service.

If for any reason you want to edit your Billable Service once it’s on a Pricing Table, you can press the three dots on the right and select “Detach from library”. This way your Service will no longer be linked to the item in your content library and will be editable on the spot.

How to use Billable Services

If you have more than one Pricing Table inside of a Doc and want to give your client an overview of all the Pricing Tables combined, you can use a Price Breakdown block, which is a summary of all Pricing Tables & Docs with Pricing Tables included in the current Doc. You can also add an “Approve” button at the bottom of your Doc to allow your client to approve your pricing proposal.

How to use Billable Services

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