You should aways be confident on what's shared with the client and what's not.

That's why, in SuperOkay, only the contents of the Shared folder of each project is visible to clients in their portal.

💡What is the Shared folder and how does it work?


Each project has a Shared folder in the root Docs & Files folder. It cannot be deleted.


Your Shared folder is marked with an 👥 icon and everything under it has a default color matching your Project's Main Color

This same icon is used to mark each folder, document, or file that is shared with the client so you always know the sharing status of each piece of content.


Everything outside the Shared folder is only visible to you and your team.

Everything outside the Shared folder is in your Project's Secondary Color (by default a shade of gray)

💡How does it work for Client Contacts?


For a Client Contact, the Shared folder is called Docs & Files (or the custom name you picked in Module Settings).

Here's what Client Contacts can and cannot do:

Can do

Cannot do

✅ Create folders

✅ Upload files

✅ Create Linked Files

✅ Organize folders, docs, and files by moving them around, or changing their name, icon, or color

✅ Add Comments & Action Items to any folder, doc, or file.

✅ Approve any folder, doc, or file.

✅ Un-approve any folder, doc, or file.

❌ Create or edit SuperOkay Docs

❌ Unshare content from the Shared folder (although they can delete content)

❌ Access docs & files outside the Shared folder.

🚨Important: Client Contacts can delete any folder, doc, or file inside the Shared folder. They are asked to confirm their action, but you should know it's possible.

As SuperOkay doesn't yet have a "Trash" folder, once deleted, the content the Client Contact removes is gone forever.

💡How do you share docs & files with clients


There are two ways of sharing docs & files with clients:

1️⃣ Sharing to the Client Portal

Best for when you want to share content with Client Contacts that have been invited to your Client Portal.

👉 When sharing a doc or file to the Project Portal, it becomes visible to all Client Contacts from the Client Organization assigned to that project.

👉 Whatever you are sharing is moved to the Shared folder, in a location of your choosing.

👉 You can also share to the client portal just by moving a folder, doc, or file to the Shared folder and they are automatically shared.

2️⃣ Enabling a Public Link

Best for when you want to share something with a client or collaborator that does not have access to the Client Portal.

👉 The Public Link is optional.

👉 If you send the public link to Client Contacts, they won't be logged in / able to navigate away from it to view their Dashboard or other sections of the Client Portal.

💡How do you unshare docs & files?

1️⃣ Click the "Share" button and then select "Unshare" to choose where you want to move your content outside the Shared folder.

2️⃣ Just move a folder, doc, or file outside the "Shared" folder.

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