What's the best logo size?

💡 The way we size logos in the Portal header is we have a maximum frame the logo can fill, and resize your client logo image to match either the height, or width of that frame (whichever is smaller).

This frame is around 44px tall by 88px wide.

💡 Because of our app layout (and most websites), logos that have a wider 2:1 aspect ratio look best. Really long and short or really tall and narrow logos will be displayed smaller.

How should you prepare your logo image files?

🚨 Please make sure your logo images do not have any empty space around the actual symbol. This is by far the most common reason for "the logo looks really small on the client portal header"

Here's a quick guide on how different logo image cropping can affect the way we display the logo in the app:

We recommend you use .png for your logo images. We do support .svg logos, but that causes an issue when using that logo image in your email templates, as most email clients like Gmail are unable to display .svg images.

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