Some of SuperOkay’s features are kept out of the main pages because you don’t need to interact with them very often, this is the case with “Admin Settings”.

To access “Admin Settings”, click the “Admin Settings” icon on the bottom of the side-menu and select “Admin” - this will allow us to see all the settings we can adjust. Keep in mind that all the settings found here are global settings, and will affect all your projects.

Note: Some settings will only be available to users with Solo+ or Business plans.

  • Start with “Organization Details” - here you can edit the name of your organization and your default currency.

  • “Branding” is where you’ll find customization options for your agency. You can upload a “Primary” logo, for light mode, and you can upload a “Reversed” version of the same logo, that works well with Dark mode. You also have the Color Palette, which you can edit to reflect your agency’s color scheme. Lastly, you can also customize the font types used in your projects and documents. The ones you choose here will be the default, but you can customize them for each specific project you create.

  • Next is “Team” Settings”. If you have a Business account on this page you can invite anyone to be part of your team. Simply click the “Invite Team Member” button and insert your team member’s information. For the time being, all team members in SuperOkay will have full admin rights which means they have access, visibility and edit rights for all projects. It also means that any member can invite other members and manage documents. The Business plan is the only tier of SuperOkay that allows you to have Team Members.

  • The billing page allows you to manage your SuperOkay subscription, change the payment method or upgrade your plan.

  • In “Your Account” you can add a profile picture, change your email or delete your account.

  • In “Security” you can change your password in case you need to.

  • In “Notifications” you can turn on or off the e-mail notifications you and your agency receive via SuperOkay. A more refined notifications system is coming up soon.

  • You can see the latest updates in SuperOkay by clicking the “Product Updates” button in the Admin Settings menu and you can access our Help Center by clicking “Help”.

  • Now let’s look at “Portal Settings” - here you have some options to further customize your portals. You can choose a favicon for your pages (make sure it’s 64 by 64 pixels and in .PNG format) - this will be default for all your portals. Choose the Meta Title and description as well as the cover image - these will show up in link previews.

  • The last thing we’ll look at is the Portal Login Page. This allows for a new and unique way to onboard your clients. If you send your subdomain or custom domain to your client after adding them to a project, they’ll be able to insert their email address and receive a magic link to login - make sure to add them as a client to a project first. You can customize this page in several different ways: change from light to dark mode, choose a background color or image, position your sign-in form where you want it and remove its background, choose a header title and add instructions. You can also customize the sign-in button by changing its color and text. You can add a message at the bottom.

Note: Email White Labeling and Custom Domains are omitted from this article because they already have their own articles. Find them below:

For more guides on how to use SuperOkay visit our YouTube Channel and join our Facebook Community.

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