How does it work?

Docs & Files is the beautiful unified place for all client content. From the initial proposal, to the weekly progress reports.

Creating folders, docs, and files

What can you create?


These are smart SuperOkay documents that you can create natively in the app.


Upload files from your device. Cloud storage integrations coming soon :)

Linked Files

Link to cloud files like Google Docs so you have everything in one place.


Organize your client content with ease.

Documents from templates

Use SuperOkay templates to kickstart your documents.

Common actions


Use the Move icon on the thumbnail card toolbar to move a folder, doc, or file anywhere else.


There are two ways of renaming any folder, doc, or file:

  1. Double click the title or edit icon when viewed in Grid Mode

  2. Click the title in the top part of the page when opened.

Changing the icon & color

Click the swatch icon on the thumbnail card toolbar to change the color and icon.


Open the folder, doc, or file and click the top-right Share button to manage sharing.

Adding Comments and Action Items

You can add comments and action items to any folder, doc, or file.

Use the unified right-hand sidebar to toggle the Comments / Action Items panel.

πŸ’‘ This is also available to your Client Contacts on content from the Shared folder.

What's next?

πŸ‘‰ How does your Shared Folder work?

πŸ‘‰ How do Pinned Folders work?

For more guides on how to use SuperOkay visit our YouTube Channel and join our Facebook Community.

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